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The Foire du Trône; thrills and shared pleasures

The Foire du Trône; thrills and shared pleasures

The oldest traditional funfair in France, the Foire du Trône (Throne Fair), will soon be making its annual visit to the Pelouse de Reuilly in Paris. This 1062nd edition will take place from April 5th to June 2nd, 2019. With its 350 attractions and 80 rides this venerable fair will again provide a wealth of enjoyment for the whole family. The Hotel Royal Cardinal invites you and your loved ones to embark on an adventure bursting with white-knuckle thrills, games of luck and skill, ghost trains, dodgems, gentle rides for youngsters and all the rest of the fun of the fair!


What is a ‘Foire du Trône’?

So, where did the name of this world-famous fair come from? In the 12th century, the old Fête du Pain d'Epice (Gingerbread Fair) was held on the site of the current Place de la Nation. This square was known as the Place du Trône from 1660 to 1793 in reference to the throne installed there in tribute to the arrival in Paris of the newlyweds King Louis XIV and Maria Theresa of Spain. The Fête du Pain d’Épice was then renamed the Foire du Trône.


A fair for all ages

The Foire du Trône brings together people of all ages and all walks of life who have one goal in mind; to have fun! Each year it welcomes some three million visitors seeking the simple and nostalgic joys of a traditional funfair. However, that emphasis on tradition does not prevent it from evolving from year to year by offering ever more bold and innovative attractions. Among the 350 attractions and 80 rides the fair now boasts you can thrill to an amazing experience on the famous Skyfall tower. From here you’ll enjoy an incredible view of Paris before plummeting at 180 km/h in a vertiginous fall.

Funfair gourmets will also find plenty to delight them at the Foire du Trône thanks to a wide choice of delicacies such as churros, chichis, waffles, candy floss and those eternal favourites, toffee apples.


The new attractions for 2019 await

Every year, new attractions appear at the Foire du Trône. In 2019 you will have the pleasure of discovering Starlight, a new extreme ride inspired by the training equipment used by astronauts. Starlight provides a virtual trip into space. Boarding a pod with twenty other brave souls you’ll be rotated and flipped 20 metres in the air to create a feeling of weightlessness.

Three minutes... this is the time you’ll rotate at an acceleration of up to 4 times gravity some 8 metres high in the Spin Ball. Total disorientation and total fun!

The Hotel Royal Cardinal suggests opting for the Foire du Trône Pass so you can have fun without breaking the bank. This pass, which contains 26 tickets, allows you to make 10 rounds of rides at a smart price and also take advantage of numerous coupons for various attractions.



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