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Paris Latin Quarter hotels for you on the vibrant Left Bank

Paris Latin Quarter hotels for you on the vibrant Left Bank

Paris Latin Quarter hotels put you at the heart of the intellectual centre of the city, and Hotel Royal Cardinal has today's vibrant delights of the Quarter just outside.

This is a district that bustles with small bistros and street cafes, bookshops and bars. Student life has been centred here for hundreds of years, and that's why it's called the Latin Quarter, because Latin was used for teaching. Stroll to the historic Sorbonne, the first of these universities, with an ancient, distinguished history. More recently it was the centre of the famous student uprisings of the 1960s. The Latin Quarter has long been the beating heart of youthful Paris.

Paris Latin Quarter hotels in the heart of cafe society

In the Paris of the 21st century, you can enjoy your morning coffee as the intellectuals have always done, watching the street life go by, as you sip your espresso. Take a book for the real feel of how life has always been lived here.

You'll find yourself a short walk from some of Paris's main attractions, whether it's the grandeur of the cathedral Notre Dame or the green open spaces of the Luxembourg Gardens. Return home in the evening and the choice of restaurants is all yours. For the French, eating out is an art form and in the Latin Quarter, you too will become a part of the show.

Hotel Royal Cardinal the most intimate of Paris Latin Quarter hotels

The Latin Quarter is a place of narrow streets, with shops and cafes that are hard to find, unless you stay here. That's why it's such an intriguing area of Paris to make your home on your next visit to this great city.

At Hotel Royal Cardinal, we pride ourselves on being part of the Quarter, with staff who will help you to make the most of your stay here. Certainly, you will experience an unforgettable holiday.


Picture copyright holder : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Jacques LEBAR