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Paris Best Hotel Package Offer with Hotel Au Royal Cardinal

Paris Best Hotel Package Offer with Hotel Au Royal Cardinal

Paris Best Hotel Package deals can be found with us, at Hotel Au Royal Cardinal. Summer has finally arrived and students are on vacation. This means the Latin Quarter can be better experienced more peacefully, with less crowds, hustle and bustle. We are offering promotions, with 20% discounts, on all of our rooms. Go to our website and make a booking with us, to get the most of this special offer. All prices for various sized rooms are published on our website, allowing you to find the perfect package, to suit your needs and budget too.

Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is situated in the 5th and 6th arrondissement of Paris, close to the Sorbonne, the famous Parisian university. Latin was the language spoken by many of the students and was recognised, in the Middle Ages, as being the preferred one for learning. During school terms, the Latin Quarter tends to be quite hectic, however, the summer is the perfect time to visit.

Take advantage of our excellent discounts

Our hotel is stylish, elegant and luxurious and our staff always provide a warm and friendly welcome to guests. Rooms are cosy and comfortable and are equipped with modern amenities, like free WiFi, cable TV and private bathrooms. Windows are double glazed for additional privacy and comfort, and our promotional offer, of 20%, extends to all of our rooms from 15th July to 28th August. Check our website for further details.


  • Panthéon, Place du Panthéon, 75005 Paris
    Tel : 01 44 32 18 00
    Métro : Cardinal Lemoine (ligne 10)
    RERB : Luxembourg
  • Sorbonne : 1 rue Victor Cousin 75005 Paris
    Tel : 01 40 46 22 11
    RERB : Saint Michel-Notre Dame-Luxembourg
  • Hotel Royal Cardinal : 1 rue des Ecoles 75005 Paris Quartier Latin (Rive Gauche)
    Tél : 01 43 26 83 64
    Métro : Jussieu (ligne 7), Cardinal Lemoine (Ligne 10)
    RERB : Sation Saint Michel Notre Dame



Picture "Pantheon and Soufflot street" copyright holder : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Jacques Lebar