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Palais de Tokyo Museum in Paris : a bold new exhibition

Palais de Tokyo Museum in Paris : a bold new exhibition

Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris has been at the cutting edge of the contemporary art scene for many years. Running until 9th September is New Wave, an exhibition taking place in this location and also at a further thirty galleries and art spaces throughout the city. This vast event focuses on the work of the new young visionary curators who have turned the staging of art exhibitions into an art form in its own right. The RER C, next to the Hotel Royal Cardinal , will whisk you to the Palais de Tokyo in less than thirty minutes.

Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris highlights the New Wave

The Palais de Tokyo, near the Trocadero, is an Art Deco building dating from 1937. It may well be the most creative and fun museum in Paris. This key venue for modern and contemporary art has a large open space in the Bauhaus tradition which is used as a showcase for innovative and experimental art.

Thus it is the perfect venue to host the exhibition New Wave, shining a spotlight on the key role played by the newest generation of curators. These visionaries have redefined the curator's role in creating original temporary environments for the displaying of bold and challenging artistic concepts. They seek to emphasise and enhance the artist's vision in new and creative ways.

Space has been offered at the Palais de Tokyo and associated venues to 21 curators from 13 different countries so that they can demonstrate their artistic choices and cutting edge capabilities, based around a particular theme. Working singly or in groups, they have seized this opportunity and the enthralling results are available right now for your viewing pleasure.

The Hotel Royal Cardinal recommends the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris

Our cosy and comfortable hotel nestled at the heart of the Latin Quarter is ideally situated for convenient access to the Palais de Tokyo. The helpful and knowledgeable staff of the Hotel Royal Cardinal will be glad to assist you in your travel arrangements.


Picture copyright holder : Wikimedia - Photographer Roi Boshi