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New entertainment museum in Paris opens with Pixar show

New entertainment museum in Paris opens with Pixar show

New entertainment museum in Paris, Art Ludique, has just opened with its first exhibition celebrating the art of Pixar and at Hotel Royal Cardinal we suggest you visit this unique show.

New entertainment museum in Paris is a world first

Art Ludique, literally 'Fun Art', is believed to be the first museum in the world dedicated to the world of entertainment. Whether it's animation, comics, video games or the extraordinary art of manga, the curators at this museum aim to elevate popular culture to high art. Their first featured exhibition is a real blockbuster. 'Pixar, 25 Years of Animation' was first shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and since then has been drawing sell-out crowds across the world.

Pixar is the Californian animation studio that has redefined what animation is. From the studio's first film 'Toy Story', through 'Finding Nemo', 'Cars', 'The Incredibles' and 'Up', Pixar has broken box office records and along the way won dozens of awards. In this exhibition, you can see how the entire process of making a 21st century animation feature works. There are original sketches, sculptures of figures that have become firm favourites and hundreds of drawings. One highlight is a unique zoetrope featuring characters from 'Toy Story'. Pixar's animators believe this wheel of sculptures of characters, each in a slightly different position, best shows how animation works.

This show will change your view of what goes into an animated film and you'll quickly see why Art Ludique have chosen it to open their magnificent new museum.

It's all an easy journey from Hotel Royal Cardinal, in the heart of the Latin Quarter

New entertainment museum in Paris is highly recommended by Hotel Royal Cardinal. We are proud of the achievement of our city in opening this new museum. And when you arrive at Hotel Royal Cardinal, we'll help you plan a visit to remember.



Picture "Nemo's world" copyright holder : Disney Pixar - Courtesy of Musée Art Ludique