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Explore new concepts at Autumn Paris Festival

Explore new concepts at Autumn Paris Festival

Each year for a four month period, ‘Festival d’Automne’ presents artists from all over the world in a thrilling extravaganza of music, visual arts, theatre, cinema and dance.  This year’s Autumn Festival Paris will run from September 4th till December 31st.   It’s the perfect excuse for you to plan a break at Hotel Royal Cardinal, where you’ll be close to all the venues and events.

Festival d’Automne is renowned for pushing the boundaries between the arts, and thrilling theatre productions such as Vincent Macaigne’s ‘Idiot! Because we would have loved us’ which is based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s ‘The Idiot’ illustrate this concept beautifully.  Other exceptional theatre pieces include Robert Wilson’s production of ‘Negroes’ by Jean Genet, and Julien Gosselin’s interpretation of ‘The Elementary Particles’ by Michel Houellebecq.

A thrilling programme of work by remarkable artists

William Forsythe is one of three artists whose work will be a major part of this year’s event, and you can see how his pieces are portrayed by performers such as Jone San Martin and Semperoper Ballett Dresden.

Perhaps nobody grasps the idea of pushing boundaries quite as well as theatre director Romeo Castellucci, who is also the subject of a ‘portrait’ at this year’s festival.   Castellucci’s dramatic depiction of Stravinsky’s ‘Rites of Spring’ uses a huge dust cloud to ‘revise the concept of choreography’.  Catch this sensational show at the Great Hall of the Villette from December 10th to 14th

Avant garde composer, Luigi Nono is the third ‘portrait’ subject, and music fans will enjoy seeing his eclectic body of worked played by some of the most exciting young musicians and artists in a celebration of his life.

Cinema enthusiasts will be delighted to explore the back catalogue of Marguerite Duras or Bertrand Bonello, while ‘Cloakroom’ by Olivier Saillard and Tilda Swinton is just one of the outstanding performance pieces you can see at Festival d’Automne 2014.

Festival d'Automne à Paris : from September 4th till December 31st
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