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Discover some typically Parisian markets

Discover some typically Parisian markets

Paris has a long commercial tradition. Its food markets, the oldest of which dates from 1615, offer the freshest foods produced by local growers and artisans as well as exotic items from elsewhere, and allow visitors to get a real feel for a neighbourhood. With 82 markets throughout the city, there’s certainly plenty of choice. To discover Paris, visit its markets!

The Aligre market, a must

It’s the best known and most popular market amongst Parisians. Colours and scents that are particularly Parisian await you in the Marché d’Aligre, which takes place every day from 7:00 to 14:00 (except Monday). Set in a sunny spot, this place offers a journey for the senses. There’s local produce, but also foodstuffs from Africa and Asia, all presented in colourful profusion to the delight of Parisians and tourists alike. It all goes to show why this market is so often full! When you’ve finished shopping, you can go have a drink in one of the many cafes on the Place d'Aligre and soak up the ambience of a distinctly Parisian neighbourhood.

A journey through time

If you wish to visit the oldest Parisian market, you need to make for the Rue de Bretagne in the 3rd arrondissement, where the Marché des Enfants Rouges awaits your custom. Included on the register of national historical monuments, the market takes its name from the red capes once worn by the children placed in the care of the orphanage that stood upon this spot in the 16th century. Today it is a place where you can enjoy international cuisine amidst colourfully attractive stalls. In this carefully preserved yet vibrant and trendy conservation area, open every morning and afternoon except Monday, you’ll feel a strong sense of the past. 

Lovers of organic produce, visit the Batignolles!

The Marché des Batignolles is THE organic market in Paris. Originally established as an open air market in 1846, it was covered in 1867, and the current structure dates from 1979. In addition to vegetables and fruits from small local producers, the stalls offer a tempting selection of African, Lebanese and Portuguese foodstuffs. Whether you want to introduce yourself to the benefits of organic food or you are a convert already, you can chat with lovers of nature and its products and exchange recipes in a charmingly bobo atmosphere. The market is open every day except Monday.

Other markets for the curious

If you want to visit a market with a unique view, go to the 7th arrondissement, and check out the Marché Saxe-Breteuil, open Thursday and Saturday. Here you can admire the enchanting sight of the Eiffel Tower. Those who want to explore a really lively market should try the Marché des Barbès, in the 10th arrondissement. Located under an elevated section of the Metro, it’s very reasonably priced and possesses a unique ambience (Wednesday and Saturday).

Getting to these markets

You can reach your market of choice very easily from your Hotel Royal Cardinal by simply crossing Paris in minutes via public transport. Then it’s time to buy some excellent food or pick up unique souvenirs!


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Picture copyright holder: Paris Tourist Office - Photographer Marc Bertrand

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