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Dancing the night away at the Gare du Nord

Dancing the night away at the Gare du Nord

Here’s your opportunity to participate in an historic event that is totally unprecedented. You’ll see the Gare du Nord as you’ve never seen it before as this huge and phenomenally busy railway station becomes a nightclub for one night and one night only at 'Silence Station Night'!

An old lady renovated

The Gare du Nord is a legendary Parisian railway station which has formed the backdrop of numerous movies. Designed by the architect Jacques Hittorff and located in the heart of Paris, it is the busiest station in the world outside of Japan, and certainly the most important on the European continent. Construction began in 1861 and was completed in 1865, so it is that 2015 marks the station’s 150th anniversary. Such a significant milestone requires a celebration, of course. To mark the event, the station has undergone a major programme of cleaning, providing it with a real facelift and taking it back to its youth. A falconer has been brought in to address the problem of the large pigeon population which had been despoiling the architecture of the building. The station is also about to be extended so that it is better able to deal with the 190 million passengers who use its facilities each year.

Gare du Nord , a giant disco

However, as it’s always a good idea to celebrate an anniversary with a party, the SNCF, the French state-owned railway company, and Silence Events, a major events organiser, have hatched the idea of turning the station into a nightclub on the evening of July 11th from 23:30 until 5:30 the following morning. Staying at the Hotel Royal Cardinal during the summer, you can enjoy all manner of music events, concerts and entertainment, but this may turn out to be the most fun-packed one of all!

The Gare du Nord turned into a giant silent disco? How is this possible? Nothing could be simpler! The station is being closed to all train services for the night in question, and 4000 square metres of its floor space will be turned into a huge dance floor. Partygoers will receive a wireless headset as they enter the building. This will have controls so they can adjust the volume and tune into the DJ, and hence the music, of their choice, which will include funk, hip-hop and electro. A number of top DJs will be providing the music, including Vincent Vega and Cut Killer.

No less than 3,000 participants are expected for this unique event, and there will even be a VIP lounge, nightclub style, in the space normally reserved for Eurostar departures.

So come on! What are you waiting for? Tickets are now on sale, so get hold of one and you will become a participant in an historic event!

By the morning of the next day, of course, you’ll be grateful for a warm welcome and a comfy bed, and the Hotel Royal Cardinal will be happy to oblige.


Silence Station Night
Gare du Nord, 18 rue de Dunkerque, Paris 10th district


Picture copyright holder: Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Jacques Lebar

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