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Current Exhibitions in Paris 2013 at the Grand Palais

Current Exhibitions in Paris 2013 at the Grand Palais

Current exhibitions in Paris 2013 , like the dedications for the artists George Braque and Felix Vallotton, at the Grand Palais, should certainly not be missed. The George Braque exhibition started on 18 September 2013, till 6 January 2014, while the Felix Vallotton exhibition has commenced on the 2 October 2013 until the 20 January 2014. The prestigious Grand Palais is situated in the heart of Paris, at the delightful Champs Elysees. This exhibition hall is also located near the Hotel Royal Cardinal.

Current Exhibitions in Paris 2013 for serious art enthusiasts

The Grand Palais is the perfect venue for the George Braque and Felix Vallotton exhibitions. This historic site, which translates as meaning 'Great Palace', is an awe-inspiring building constructed in 1897. The elaborate ornate decoration, adorning the striking structure, was very much inspired by the style of Beaux-Arts architecture. This home to great French art is stupendously impressive and an iconic Parisian monument that has featured exhibitions from classic and contemporary artists such as Monet and Anish Kapoor.

The George Braque Exhibition

George Braque was an outstanding French artist and among the most prominent of 20th century painters and sculptors. Born in 1892, Braque is well known for his development, along with Pablo Picasso, of Cubism and his subtle Fauvist style. The George Braque exhibition is retrospective and draws upon all of the various stages in his career in art.

The Felix Vallotton Exhibition

Swiss born Felix Vallotton, born in 1865, was a painter and printmaker, noted for his exceptional contribution to the advancement of the world of modern woodcut and his association with Les Nabis. Vallotton was inspired by the works of famed artists Dürer, Holbein and Ingres, who informed much of his creations throughout his artistic career. The Felix Vallotton exhibition, the first retrospective in fifty years, highlights his social, political and aesthetic interests, all inspiring his creative genius.


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