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Christmas magic in the Christmas markets of the City of Light

Christmas magic in the Christmas markets of the City of Light

Enjoy your stay at the Hotel Royal Cardinal during the Christmas holidays, when you can visit the most beautiful and charming Christmas markets of the capital!


The Christmas spirit next to the majesty of Notre Dame Cathedral


It's an understatement to say that the City of Light is the place where the magic of Christmas expresses itself best. In the Seine, on the Ile de la Cité, at the end of the island closest to the neighbouring Ile Saint Louis, the medieval heart of the French capital, stands the most iconic and majestic cathedral in France, Notre Dame de Paris. On the forecourt above which looms the ramparts of this magnificent building a Christmas market is held throughout the month of December. Wander amongst the stalls of this lovely marché de Noël and be welcomed by the nearly 40 craftspeople who sell their wares there and admire the results of their traditional and regional skills. Discover manufacturers of santons (small hand-painted terracotta nativity scene figurines) from Provence, luthiers, cabinetmakers and more, and treat yourself to cinnamon candies and Christmas spices. Seize the opportunity to stroll in the heart of Paris enjoying a warmly festive atmosphere, in the purest spirit of Christmas. Not far away, the capital’s flower market offers many choices of elegant and lovely Yuletide decorations.


Experience the elegance of the Paris Left Bank this Christmas


In Paris, the Left Bank of the Seine is synonymous with elegance and taste. Not far from Notre Dame Cathedral you can continue your stroll on the Quai de Seine, whose waters gently reflect the city’s Christmas lights when night falls. From the booksellers who ply their trade by the water’s edge you can purchase a few Christmas tales to read in the warmth and comfort of your hotel room. Close to the Hotel Royal Cardinal, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Christmas market adorns the Boulevard Saint Germain, from the Church of Saint Germain des Prés to Mabillon. From its cheerfully decorated wooden booths rise enticing aromas of mulled wine, crepes and other treats. But you’ll also want to admire the capital’s shopping areas, all decked out to mark the end of year celebrations. In Paris, window shopping is never more fun than at Christmas and people tend to organise their walks around the gorgeously decorated and illuminated display windows of the city’s shops.

For lovers of Christmas markets the Place Saint Sulpice is not to be missed. Under the imposing gaze of the Saint Sulpice Cathedral this marché de Noël twinkles like a jewelled necklace, secluded from the nearby bustling Boulevard Saint Germain and the shops of the Rue de Rennes. This historic district of publishers, situated between the Seine and the Jardin du Luxembourg, carries the air of classic French literature. The ambience is certainly conducive to taking a wander amidst architectural beauty festooned with Christmas lights.