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A gourmet hot chocolate in Paris

A gourmet hot chocolate in Paris

When winter comes and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, anything that can provide the comfort of a little warmth is welcome. Of course, we tend to think in the first place of a warm bed and a thick duvet under which to take refuge, as you can do in all the rooms of the Hotel Royal Cardinal. But you have to venture outside at some point, and when you do there’s a certain creamy and tasty beverage that will give you a warm glow; hot chocolate! Here for you is our selection of the best hot chocolate in Paris.


Chef's hot chocolate

A drink that’s synonymous with winter, hot chocolate has inspired many maîtres de la patisserie; leading chefs who have taken the basic concept and run with it, concocting tasty hot chocolate recipes throughout Paris.

At Pierre Hermé, for example, a shop bearing the name of a pastry chef whose fame goes well beyond the borders of France, you can take your ease in a tea room installed in the heart of a 1,000 m² space. But more important than the roominess (the tea room is in fact part of a shop and takeaway) is the creaminess of the regular hot chocolate and the buzz of the passion fruit chocolate that will certainly impress you. On the spot: 12 euros. To take away: 6 euros.

There’s also Jacques Genin, a true artist of pâtisserie, who takes hot chocolate into another dimension. Try it accompanied by petit fours, a madeleine or a friand. The price of his choco-pâtissièrement chaud is a mere 7 to 9 euros per cup.

Michel Cluizel, for his part, opts for pure, simple, rich and appealing hot chocolate. The pot is placed close to his counter and in it simmers gorgeous hot chocolate and milk that you can enjoy for 5.25 euros per cup.


An exotic hot chocolate in Paris

Every food that we consume, due to its origins or the know-how of those who have prepared it, is an opportunity to experience the world. And chocolate is no exception! Head to Angelina, a name synonymous with hot chocolate in Paris, and you can relish the delicious delight that is l'Africain, a hot chocolate carefully crafted from cocoa sourced from Niger, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast. At 4.5 euros a cup, this unique blend is based on a recipe carefully preserved by Angelina since 1903.

And while we’re on the subject of faraway places, Aoki offers a surprising hot chocolate with a Japanese pedigree. Here, you start by selecting your chocolate lollipop, opting for the flavour that most tempts you; you can choose between yuzu, dark chocolate, and matcha green tea. Then, this lollipop is placed in a cup of hot milk, gradually melting into the most exquisite hot chocolate.

Moving on to the big names, Lindt offers a chocolate bar with their hot chocolate, while Cyril Lignac combines hot chocolate at 5.5 euros per (cardboard) cup and chocolate for a 100% chocolate tasting session. Treat yourself and let the winter grow warm!



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Photo credit : © Marco Verch - Flickr

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